We Provide wholesale long distance voice, data, and video serices for wired and wireless telecommunications carriers throughout the world.

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Superior Technology

As customers worldwide continue to migrate away from traditional telephony systems to more advanced telecommunications solutions, our technological advantage makes our services increasingly attractive to carriers and end users throughout the world...

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The Next Communications Network

The Next Communications Network is the private international network over which we deliver highest-quality international and domestic long distance voice and data telephony services at significant cost savings...

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Excellence in Challenging Operating Environments

Many rural regions and urban areas of the Developing World lack modern telecommunications facilities and services. Outdated decaying legacy systems and equipment makes some of the poorest people on earth pay the highest prices anywhere in the world for telephone services...

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Outsourcing Back Office Functions and Value-Added Services

Our virtual back-office platform can provide you turnkey private label billing services and other value-added services, including private label prepaid and postpaid calling card services. This enables emerging carriers to focus on retail marketing to their own...

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24/7 Tech Support

Not all tech support issues are the same.

We provide our customers and prospective customers a full spectrum of tech support in real time—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...

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See the Cisco Video on Next Communications

Cisco case study

Next Communications is a Cisco partner. To read Cisco’s case study on the remarkable results achieved by Next Communications using Cisco hardware and NxtGn software, click here.

Next Communications

Next Communications provides wholesale long distance voice, data, and video services for wired and wireless telecommunications carriers throughout the world.

Our revolutionary technology, which is the foundation of the most reliable VoIP network anywhere, gives us a proprietary and sustainable competitive advantage in efficiency and cost, and allows our customers to deliver highest-quality long distance services at exceptional profit margins.

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